Accessibility for all


Input assistants for smartphones for the visually impaired

QwertyCase is a wireless keyboard that helps visually impaired people to easily enter text or dials when using a smartphone.

You can quickly and conveniently enter text by applying the same key layout as a normal keyboard.

Telephone dialing is built in to provide convenient interactive voice response without worry.

Text input function

· Qwerty input support

· English, number, symbol input support

· The same key arrangement as a normal keyboard

· Fast input speed with ten fingers

· Voiceover command and editing function

Telephone dial function

· Same key arrangement as phone

· Convenient interactive voice response

· Dial tone feedback

· Convenient dialing and hanging up

Smartphone control and vibration notification

· VoiceOver command shortcut keys

· TalkBack command shortcut keys

· Vibration notification when power on/off and mode change

· Battery capacity vibration alert

Convenient charging function

· 5-day use with 60-minute charge

· USB-C terminal for convenient charging

· Battery check with app

· Vibration notification when charging cable is connected

Smartphone case design for portability
Slim design grips natural
Key button design for ease of use
User-Oriented UX design

Download the QwertyCase from the App Store to make it more convenient